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About Us

Heart-Head Publishing is your one stop resource for books and book publishing.  We provide services to equip writers with the creative professionalism they need to write, format, publish, print, sell and market their books.   With so many options available today to get your book from your heart to your desk and into the hands of readers worldwide, we offer time and money-saving tips that can help you accomplish your goal of becoming a published author without going through all of the red tape and heartache.

Our Services      

All genres of manuscripts are accepted!!!  We offer free initial consultations with authors to get them started on their way to publishing their book.  We are also available for special services for writers to include formatting, editing, and publishing their books with our company.  If your book is published with Heart-Head Publishing, we will help sell your book and assist you with successful marketing strategies.  We are also available for creative writing workshops.  Contact us today for more information at info@heartheadpublishing.com.   


Currently, we working with several authors on various projects.  We serve as a book distributor of published works and can help put you on track to list and sell your books with other reputable book retailers  and book distributors worldwide.  

Visit www.nadiaeverheart.com to check out new children's book.....

The first book of five in our new children's book series, Nadia's Adventures, was released December 2009.  Please visit www.nadiaeverheart.com to get a sneak peak of new children's book, Nadia's Jewelry Box.




Upcoming Literary Events

By attending literary events, you will be inspired to become the best author you've dreamed of becoming.  Most literary events occur on an annual basis and can serve as not only an outing to network with other writers/authors, but also as an avenue to promote, market, and sell your book.  

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